Fresh Juice Made Easy: Your Ultimate Blender Tutorial

Learn how to handle your fresh juice blender like a pro! This straightforward guide covers everything from basic operations and safety precautions to cleaning and maintenance. Get the most out of your appliance and enjoy fresh juices safely and efficiently.

Step 1

Charge the Fresh Juice Portable blender before first use. Ensure the three magnets on the charger are aligned with the three magnets on the base of the blender. The blender comes partially charged, but for optimum use charge for at least 3 hours. The charger light will flash when charging and stop when fully charged.

Step 2

Wash the Fresh Juice blender before first use. DO NOT submerge the base in water. Both ends of the blender can open to put the ingredients in.

Step 3

Layer liquids first and ice or frozen fruit last to prevent wear on the blades. Always ensure there is enough liquid when blending with ice.

Step 4

When filling the Fresh Juice blender with ingredients DO NOT fill past the handle. The blender will not operate if overfilled.

Step 5

Ensure the semi-circle on the blender glass is aligned with dots on the blender base. The blender will not operate if the dots are not aligned.

Step 6

Press the ON button on the blender base TWICE to start.

Step 7

The Fresh Juice blender will blend for 30 seconds. Tilt the bottle whilst blending to ensure an even blend. Repeat blend cycle for a smoother consistency.


1. The power button on the base will flash red if there is something caught under the blade. To resolve, remove the base and clear under the blades.

2. The power button on the base will flash red if the blender needs to be charged. The blender won't blend until charged.

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